Astrology & Horse-racing Updates

I tend to be a bit lazy, not because of my nature, but because of the tedious amount of work it takes to put into a race.
The worst kind of race is one in which an odd number of horses are running, or that are not divisible by 12.
This is simply because it is a 12 house system being used.
If we have one horse per house, with no scratches (horses removed before the race or that bolt and don’t run while going into the stall, or are just removed due to health reasons, etc.) then the prediction is easy.
But when the above parameters do not fit, or if the race does not go off on time, sub-lords change quickly, and that can determine the outcome, meaning win or lose.
So, winning is as much astrological as are lucky days and a lucky natal chart.
I remember betting at Los Alamitos on December 3, 2021 and there was a card with 8 races that day.
I bet on all of them, getting 6 out of 8 correct. I still came away with a profit, though not having a blog at that time, none of this historical data was posted.
In one case, remembering the rule to choose the sub lord of the 11th house and going from there, I was dealing with a 9 horse race.

In another race, the last minute removal of a horse at the gate, meant a no go on the prediction, whereas the remaining races had win show and place funds come into to my account.
That is still. 75% accuracy.
I would like to meet one punter that could get that level of accuracy just by choosing via study of form.
I recall one race on that card in which I chose the 11th house, and it’s sub lord, leading me to the sub-lord’s location in the horoscope, and because Jupiter was not only ruler of the ascendant, but the strongest planet in the horoscope, the ascendant ruler and its placement gave the number of the horse which won that day, instead of the sub-lord technique.
More recently, I bet on the Belmont, located at Elmont, NY, Race 4, May 20, 2022 in which 7-5-3-2 came in that order.
The race is recorded at 12: 32 pm. Moon is sub lord of the 11th house.
Anyone doing this system might go for the Moon or its dispositor, Jupiter.
However “Sidd Finch” is based upon an April fool’s joke in baseball. He won the race; I chose that horse, which must have been based upon intuition, as Saturn ruler of the 7th’s sub lord is Mercury, the fool in the tarot pack. Saturn extends his dominance into the 7th house due to rulership using Placidus houses in KP astrology.
I did not consider the remaining runners.

In one race from a previous two months, I had a 15/1 winner based upon the 11th house sub-lord, and not to sound vague, but I have a tendency to bet, win (or lose) and forget the race, just thinking about the money.

Here is a clear cut race for April 3, 2022, 4: 38 PM Santa Anita (LA) California. This has been my biggest win of the entire 2022 thus far.

Moon is sub lord of the 11th. Usually I just go this route, though I recall using the sub lord’s dispositor if things seem right (sometimes it’s experience and intuition).

Moon, in an 11th horse race is in the 7th place of the horoscope, and Number 7 won.
Needless to say I was “over the Moon” as a result.

I have vowed to keep better records, after getting rid of one computer with the software in which most of these races were stored, with a newer windows computer coming.
The above was recreated on Parashara’s light using an apple air computer.

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