Gary Price’s path of self-realization began in 1986 with Astrology. He started with The Company of Astrologers in London and became Treasurer for the Lodge of London.

After enrolling Olivia Barclay’s Qualified Horary Practitioner course and completing his training in the United Kingdom, he transitioned to Robert Zoller’s Medieval Astrology course, completing that course of study in 2000. In 2003 he completed Bernadette Brady’s Fixed Star Astrology Course.

Gary graduated from the College of Herbal Medicine in Sussex, UK in 1991; in 2010 he graduated from the Complementary Health Care Centre, Bach Flower Remedy Course in Sussex.

He is a former pharmacy technician with the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital in London. He worked as a librarian at the Urania Trust, also in London, and was the editor of the Astrology and Medicine Newsletter in the UK for 10 years, a publication which covered the works of Nicholas Culpepper.

Gary is currently studying KP Astrology, a Vedic system originating in India, and Natal-Vedic Astrology. His recent studies include John Frawley’s Sports Astrology and Simon Chokoisky’s Gamblers Dharma.

He also earned an MBA, BA Social Science degrees, and worked toward a Doctorate in Psychology, following the work of Dr. Carl Jung, but became dissatisfied with modern psychological teachings. He worked in the mental health field for about a decade.

Gary taught at Oglala Lakota College Department of Business and at the Department of Psychology, Universidad Anahuac, in Puebla, Mexico.

Gary lived in Asia for nearly two decades and speaks and reads Mandarin Chinese at a conversational level. He practices Ming Shu and Purple Star (Chinese) Astrology, and he was a personal astrologer to a UK business executive in Hong Kong for 20 years.