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The most exciting thing about Astrology is “proving its worth.” Horse racing certainly puts the Vedic and the Western methods to the test. The system I am introducing, unlike the western system, which uses Campanus houses and visually moves the 5th house of gambling to the next planet, or lights, sun, and moon, of which any aspect will do, either Ptolemaic or Kepler, or the Vedic system is based upon sidereal astrology, which concerns the fixed stars and their motion, whereas the western system is based upon Tropical Astrology, or the vernal equinox.

There are several different styles of charts one can use. It has been said that a square or flat chart represents stability, whereas the circular chart represents motion. It is for the statement that I choose the circular wheel. In any case, the chart itself represents a section of the universe, our solar system, based upon a geocentric model, which cuts the sky up into a pie or bicycle wheel, where in each a house exists, from 1-12.

It is a matter of preference as to which model one uses to view. However, in the Vedic system, one does not need to learn the glyphs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. One just needs to write them, thus:

AR, TAU, GE, CN, and so forth, if you, the astrologer, knows what they are, while maintaining tradition. Likewise, the Planets, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon (which I have put in the western Chaldean order), including the North and South nodes, otherwise known as Rahu, and Ketu, are generally written out, without memorizing the glyphs. It is expected that one has read a basic book on astrology, and learned terms as “triplicities” or “cardinal, fixed, or mutable.” If not, there is a good reading list, and part of it is referenced within this text. There is a glossary for Vedic terminology used, but it is not complete with regards to Nadi, Jaimini, or Jyotish, because it does not encompass all aspects of those systems, merely what pertains to racing.

For convenience, I have put example charts in the Appendices, along with the glyphs used by the west. I still use them anyway, even in the Vedic system, for convenience. If you use Vedic software, it probably will not display the glyphs. From any astrologer’s perspective in the west, the glyphs are a work of art, and writing them is a sort of ritual that connects your second sight or pineal “Adjna” chakra with the Gods.
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